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What Our Customers are Saying

Praise and criticism are equally important in helping us be our very best.

We encourage you to talk to us. 
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Everyone loves a compliment, and they're important because they reinforce excellence. But, criticism is often more valuable, as it points to opportunities to serve you better. Therefore, if we have not performed to your satisfaction, or if something we've done has offended you, we ask you to let us know so we can make it right. As much as we try to ‘get it right’ the first time, we’re human and sometimes make mistakes. The difference, we believe, lies in our commitment to resolve them. So, talk to us. It's the only way we can ensure your satisfaction. And, to us, that's what matters most.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

"Dear Aaron Boyles,

I am writing this to extend my appreciation for the level of service provided by your company on Friday May, 11.  I called upon your company for a plumbing need because of the past relationship you & I have, however I will continue to use True Tech’s services because of the quality employees like Shannon Disney.  His hard work, professional attitude, & obvious concern for customer satisfaction should not go unnoticed.  Thanks again." - Tanner Hayes, May 2012

"I had True Tech come out and fix a leaky water heater for me.  They were kind, courteous, professional.  The lady on the phone knew what she was talking about, and the staff that came out was just phenomenal. We will be using them again, and I will be referencing them to all my friends, thank you very much.  And that's the God's honest truth." - Paul, May 2012

"We had a technician, Dominic, come out today as well as a few weeks ago to do some work. He was absolutely fantastic, very professional, very nice, knowledgeable and took the time to walk me through everything he was doing to let me know what he was doing and what was wrong.  We're very, very happy with your service, and we thank you very much." - Christy Walter, May 2012

"Hi, my name is Vicky Davis, I am a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty, and I think True Tech is awesome!  They are amazing!  In both of the instances when I have had your technicians come out - I had Brandon on a plumbing issue before, very customer service oriented, very professional, and then this is the second visit I have had - Mark for a heat and air conditioning problem - he went above and beyond the call of duty.  He worked repeatedly in the rain, he got his ladder, it's a condo, it's a 28-ft high roof, and he kept going up there in the rain.  I appreciate him going above and beyond for me.  He was absolutely great today, he repaired the problem and was the utmost professional person.  Thank you." - Vickey Davis, May 2012

"I just had the electric people out today, and they did a great job.  Had the plumber out the other day, and he did a great job.  I have no complaints whatsoever." - Jim, May 2012

"True Tech did some work for me, by way of Roger, who fixed my gutters, cleaned them out and put screens on them, put a towel rack in the bathroom, made sure the drainage on the gutters was working right.  I was very satisfied with his work, and will probably use the company again." - William Leighton, May 2012

"Very impressed with Kenny and Alan, who came out to do the AC and Heating inspection.  Very impressed, thank you so much!" - Teresa Hurst, May 2012

"Donnie did a great job!  Very professional, very knowledgeable. I'm very impressed by his work; very tidy and clean, very helpful.  I thank you so much for having a great employee.  I highly recommend him, and will recommend your company because of your good employee. Thank you so much." - Byron, May 2012

"I'm calling with regards to one of your HVAC specialists, Donnie, Stubblefield, who came to do a tune up of my AC system.  and worked with incredible integrity and professionalism.   He was able to give me some advice on different ways to move as far as how to continue to maintain my home in a way that is going to be efficient and cost effective.  So, I really appreciate him coming out, and I appreciate you sending Donnie as the specialist to help me out.  It was really a tremendous blessing to have him come, so thank you." - Shawn, May 2012

"I just want to let you guys know -  you were out here for my semi-annual check on my unit and my house; Bryan was my electrical person, and Alan was my AC person (they just left here) - it was professional all the way.  They had some good suggestions and some good ideas for us, and we do appreciate your business.  Thank you very much." - Gwen, May 2012

"I've had a great experience with your company and your employees.  Had lights put in yesterday, and that worked out great.  Shannon has given us some quotes on work over here, replaced a washer on a faucet, and did it real fast and was very diligent.  I am very happy with your company and I will be using you whenever we need more repairs done.  We're very happy about finding your company, and will continue to work with you.  Thank you." - Keith, May 2012

"Bryan, my technician, has been excellent today.  Fixed a few things that needed to be fixed, made a lot of very nice suggestions.  He's just been awesome.  I give him a high five!" - Sharon, May 2012

"They were very good at finding the problem.  We have been trying to figure this problem out, actually, for about a year and a half.  Mr. Brandon Stanley found the problem, and then solved the problem for us, and surely appreciate his company, and I will be using his service more often." - Lotsy, May 2012

"Just want to say that the professionalism that you guys have, and any problem that I've had you've always been right there. Just an awesome experience.   I would suggest that anybody that is looking for a service that you guys offer definitely go with you guys.  You guys were awesome, and I appreciate what you guys have done for me and my family." - Lee, May 2012

"Today we used True Tech for an emergency situation in our offices. They're going to do some of our remodel, and we thought their service plan was an awesome deal.  We are just completely, completely happy with all of their work.  Couldn't be better.  Thank you." - Jennifer Abney, April 2012

"Brandon Stanley just finished repairing the shower upstairs.  He was always on time, and very neat and clean.  I didn't see any debris laying around, and I am just very happy with it.  Thanks."Marilyn, April 2012

"Good job, and I'm well satisfied with the work."Chris, , April 2012

"Professional, knowlegeable, and did a very good job."Andy, April 2012

"Roger came out and fixed the carpet.  He did a great job from where they had done repairs beforehand.  He's a very pleasant tech and we enjoy working with him.  Thank you."Christy, April 2012

"My thanks to Mark for doing an excellent job installing my air conditioner.  He is very efficient, extremely knowledgeable of his product, and I appreciate him more than I could ever say."Nelda Chapman, April 2012

"I'd just like to leave some positive feedback today for your True Tech service technician, Brandon, that came to troubleshoot my Navion hot water system.  I am very pleased with his prompt and early arrival, and his professionalism, and how well he was able to troubleshoot our situation and had us hot water within just a few minutes.  So, kudos to True Tech and Brandon, and we look forward to you servicing all of our plumbing needs in the future."Tony Rubble, April 2012

"This is for Brandon.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate his professionalism, and that he's been a great help.  I've just been very happy dealing with him and the True Tech here in Oklahoma City.  Thank you." - Jannet, April 2012

"I have had nothing but great help from Bill Edwards, Alan Roberts, Billy Liske, Brandon Stanley, William Bennett, Rod Hayden, Joe English, Mark Douglas, I think I already mentioned Jason Lambard, my last is Dominic King in Oklahoma City.  He was out here yesterday.  The man saved me.  I believe he saved my life.  I plugged a lamp into one of my circuits, and it blew the breaker.  I had no refrigerator; half my house was dead.   But he came out here.  He replaced that, and he said "Ma'am, before this happens to you again, in a new structure, you need to have your microwave, the refrigerator on a different circuit".  It could have a caused a fire had I plugged anything else into my old [wiring].  My house is old.  It was 78 years when my husband and I moved in here over 30 years ago.  I have been in this home for 34 years.  Fire is a hazard; its's a fear. That man came out today, he redid everything.  He balanced, whatever you call it, my refrigerator.  He did it to two attics in my house, they go up to the same attic at two different places. He replaced everything. He vacuumed everything out. He cleaned it up for me.  He put everything back where it belonged. He cleaned behind my refrigerator!  He was cordial, he was just a beautiful young man that did everything.  I totally trusted him, as all the others I gave you the names of.  Everybody has always done wonderful, wonderful work. This is why I am a member, and always will be.  I have friends that say " Hey, I have an electrician that can do that for you", and I'm going "NO WAY!"  I trust True Tech, that is it.  They are true blue. They do the work they get paid for it.  I just wanted to comment that I love True Tech, I will never give you guys up and I will always call.  And when I call somebody gets out here.  The office staff is wonderful, absolutely wonderful.  They say "Oh, you're a member, hi, we'll get somebody out; first available" and they always call and let me know who's coming out and when they are coming out, and when I see that van, that mini van, pulling up in front of my house, I'm going "Yeah! My hero!" I like you guys.  Thank you so much."Carol, April 2012

"I had hired True Tech to come out and do an evaluation on our house as well as do some repairs on our AC unit.  They were awesome.  They came in quickly, they were efficient, and they explained every step of the way as well as giving me written statements showing me what they did and confirmed things before they did it.  Really appreciate the service."Jess, April 2012

"I am extremely happy with the service that I got, and the quality, and everything.  I am just extremely happy with True Tech."Mary Walsh, April 2012

"Bryan arrive promptly, and he did a very thorough inspection, and everything was done perfectly.  Excellent job!"Darline, April 2012

"I like the guy you sent to me.  He was good, he was as efficient as he could be, and he was honest with me. So, I appreciate you.  Thank you very much."Joyce, April 2012

"The guys from True Tech came out.  They were completely professional, got the job done on time, and I appreciate it."Cody, April 2012

"I just had my dishwasher repaired.  The service man was very nice, very knowledgeable, very helpful and suggested one of your other people for some other things that I need.  I am going to have that other person come out tomorrow, but I am very, very happy with the gentleman that is out here."Mary Hinkle, April 2012

"I think he did a fantastic job.  We've had so many different heat and air companies to my house to fix our AC problem that we have had for several years now.  We've been screwed over by Air Comfort Solutions.  I came across you guys online.  You had like 56 reviews, out of the 56 reviews online it was 4½ out of 5 stars.  I called you guys and I mean, I'm blow away.  Your guy came in, he did a thorough inspection of what was going on, even though this technically started as just a tune-up.  He took the time and came out here inspected what I had wrong with my system. He gave me a whole slew of solutions.  He wasn't a pushy salesman.  He stated all the facts.  He was very informative. He knew his information and backed up everything that he said.  He answered all my questions. He had all the details that I needed to make an informed decision.  I ended up going and I am making/I just made basically an $11,000 investment, but it is something that needed to be done, and I don't feel one bit worried about the investment.  I don't have kind of any buyer's remorse.  I am very confident in my purchase.  Even when it was all said and done, the gentleman took the time...I mean, most people would just - they made the sale, be done -  they're out the door. But after it was all said and done, he still got my AC working for now until we can get it replaced on Monday.  Then he came out with this catalog, showed me what my new unit was going to look like, all the specs on it.  I mean, this guy takes pride in his job and it really shows.  I just wanted to...I asked him if I could leave a review for him, and this is why I am doing this for him now.  He didn't ask me, I offered to do this.  It is very rare to find people like him.  Whoever gets this, I hope it's a manager, I hope you give this guy a bonus, give him a raise, give him a promotion, I mean, this guy is top notch. So anyways, that is the end of my review. My name is Jorge Delucca, if you need to reach me, my number is 405-2061843.  I'd be happy to discuss this further with whoever. Again, I am very happy with the service I received today.  This guy was amazing.  I will doing business with your company for the rest of my life and sure enough, I will be telling all my friends and family about True Tech Home Services.  You guys are amazing.  Even from the moment I first called you guys, you had a great pre-receptionist and that is very rare. A lot of times you call, and you get some grumpy old person that doesn't really want to take your message.  But from beginning to end you guys have been awesome. Thank you."Jorge Delucca, April 2012

"I had Mark come over to the house today and evaluate the air conditioning and heating, both upstairs and downstairs, give me ideas on things that I can do in the house to improve them, like making sure the light fixtures, instead of using the regular light bulbs, coming up with something LED and getting some of them, and what kind of insulation I need up in the attic to maintain the temperature that it should be up there.  I was very pleased with Mark's professional attitude and being able to go 'above and beyond'.  Thank you very much.  It was well worth it."Suzan, April 2012

"Bryan was here with his helper, and did a wonderful job.  Kind and courteous, kept my house clean, always wore his booties, inquired about where I wanted things and I appreciated the cleanup job was excellent.  Thank you!  Get him, he's good!"Jennet, March 2012

"Just good, fast, reliable service.  Appreciate it! Thanks a lot!" Bart Varner, March 2012

"I had Bryan Gilles out at my house this afternoon.  Wonderful technician.  When I call True Tech back, I'll be asking for him. Thanks a million. Have a great day!" - Anonymous, March 2012

"I just wanted to say that we've have had True Tech for three or four years, and you guys have done a great job every time you've been out. Thank you."Gennie Newton, March 2012

"Very fast, accurate work.  Very impressed with the service. Highly recommended them."Tracy, March 2012

"I think Brandon did great.  He's been down her twice in the last two or three weeks, and he's done a great job each time.  You guys really do a good job overall, and we really appreciate knowing where you guys are and that we can use you anytime."Neil, March 2012

"Just had Brandon's company working on drain systems as we are redoing our bathroom.  They did a great job, just as they have before.  Really appreciate it.  Thank you very, very much."Bob Holebrooke, March 2012

"We had Brandon out here today working on our house.  He has been absolutely fantastic going through all the problems that we had. He did a really complete inspection, which I wanted to have done, for all our plumbing problems today. We knew we had a lot of leaks, but we found out we had a lot more.  He's been really professional and really went step by step to help me understand exactly what was needed for each leak that we had and the problems with our commodes and was very, very professional.  We are going to have him come back in a couple of weeks, also with your other type of maintenance fellow that does tile and repair work.  He's just the greatest, and did a really outstanding job today.  We're glad we have found a new plumbing company that does a good job. Thanks Brandon, for explaining all that."Jan Marchem, March 2012

"Had a little problem with the electrical in my house.  Called True Tech this morning and they came out by noon.  Very satisfactory service. Bryan and Kenny were very courteous, did a good job, and I sure do appreciate it."DennisMarch 2012

"I used True Tech today to fix some electrical outlets.  Very pleased with the service and things working fine now.  Alan came out, and we're doing really well.  I really like True Tech. Thank you."Linda Helms, March 2012

"Brandon/True Tech, did a fantastic job for us. They replaced all our water lines in our house.  Did everything exactly as they said, in one day. Incredibly impressed with the quality."Joe Early, March 2012

"Mark is out here at my house today, and Donnie was here last week, and he's a real nice guy.  They remind me of shuttering, so much joy and spirit, and I love that. Help me to lift me up, as being an old lady. I just wanted y'all to know I appreciated it.  He didn't find my problem today, it's something else besides what I thought it was, so we're going to get somebody else out here. But the two young men that have been out here, I like both of them.  I like Mark and Donnie.  I just wanted to let you know that.  Thanks so much for having such a good employees."Jesse Stone, March 2012

"Brandon is an amazing tech, and we are really appreciative of everything that he's done for us for the last couple of weeks.  We will recommend your service to anybody that we meet."Larry Warden, March 2012

"My recommendation is referring to Shannon, with True Tech.  He was my plumber today and did an awesome job.  Real thorough, walked through the entire house looking at all of the different things I pointed out and gave me a good estimate on what it would take to do the repair work.  He was real rapid at getting the repairs done and just really impressed with the thoroughness, and did a great, professional job. Thanks."Tonya Highland, March 2012

"Carl came out and did a great job; told me what i needed to know and gave me some options on what to do and I am satisfied with the service. Thank you."Bo Beckendam, March 2012

"I had Mark Douglass out here as an AC inspection.  He was very professional, gave me all the information I needed and is altogether a good guy. Thank you."Adam Cummins, March 2012

"Shannon did a good job, that sucker is working good now.  I appreciate you sending him out.  You need to hang on to this guy. Thank you."Bill Griffin, March 2012

"In regards to Brandon, Dominic and Carl.  Guys I just want to let you know I appreciate all your hard work. I appreciate the job you did. You guys did a wonderful job out here.  Everything's been going great. I do appreciate all your hard work, your dedication to your job and you taking pride in your work.  I do appreciate I didn't have to tell you guys not to make a mess.  You put your floor booties on. You guys did everything you needed to do. I appreciate that.  Keep up the good work.   If I have anything in the future I will definitely recommend you guys to whoever I know, and if I need something done myself I will have you back out. Brandon, you still can't have the deed to the house unless you take the payment book.  Dominic good luck on the basketball games, Go Thunder, and Carl, good luck on your HVAC stuff.  I appreciate all you guys hard work, so keep it up guys.  Thanks a lot."Billy Burtton, March 2012

"I have been using your True Tech Services for plumbing for several months now.  And I'm going to tell you to tell you that Brandon is just he best plumber I have ever run across.  He is perfect.  He always does all the work, he's so responsive and so responsible, and he's so polite and handsome, and he's just amazing. And if you don't give him a raise, I don't know why not.  He's just fabulous."Anita Bridges, March 2012

"Shannon came out and I called you guys, and you guys were prompt, courteous and very professional work.  And he was in and out of here in a heartbeat.  You guys are the company I am going with.  I appreciate your help.  Thank you."Keith Bodenhoff, March 2012

"I want to brag on Brandon and Brian.  They did a great job. They came, they fixed a problem that wasn't even part of plumbing, it was a drawer the plumber and electrician needed to utilize and got all off whack, but they fixed it, and had a smile on their face. and they do a great job and I appreciate True Tech and the reliable help y'all have provided taking care of my condo.  So, thanks again." Pat BellamyMarch 2012

"He had very good customer service, and met all my needs.  Thank you."Channel ManualMarch 2012

"Had a gas line redone.  Your man Shannon spearheaded the whole deal, did a great job, did exactly what he said he was going to do when he said he was going to do it, and  I really appreciated working with him. Thank you."Joe HildMarch 2012

"Shannon came out and did some plumbing work for us and did a great job, so hope all is well.  Thank you."JimMarch 2012

"Just wanted to let you know that Mark did a wonderful job.  He came out from True Tech and went through a thorough reveiw and explained everything to me in great detail, so I greatly appreciate the services.  Thank you so much Mark!" - Dena StoneMarch 2012

"Service was great! I had Donnie."Nicole SmithMarch 2012

"Brandon from True Tech has been doing some work for me today, and I am very satisfied with what he's done.  Thank you very much."William LeightonMarch 2012

"Oh, yes!  I am satisfied with my service.  I like how they don't track mud in the house, and I appreciate the calls before they come, and I like the truck out front because I know who it is. Yeah, I am satisfied, Thank you."MichelMarch 2012

"He tolerated my baby and dogs that kept getting in his way, and the price is reasonable.  Thank you very much for sending Donnie." - AnonymousMarch 2012

"I just had some of the True Tech guys come out - Brian and Kenny, and they did a fabulous job, so thank you guys for everything you did."KatieMarch 2012

"I received service this morning from Brandon Stanley.  He inspected all my plumbing and finds that it is in good shape.  He has recommended Scale Blaster, and I am wanting to consider that. But, I really do appreciate the promptness and efficiency that he has exhibited to day, and thank you very much for the service call."MaryJo BragdonMarch 2012

"I got one of your techs here, Donnie.  He just did a tune-up on my system, went through the whole thing.  Its a very complicated system, and he took the time to go through everything, took notes of all my filters for the next time he comes out, and he even got on the roof and fixed a little leak for me.  Great guy.  You guys really need to treat him right.  Awesome service. Thank you."DarrenMarch 2012

"Just had service from True Tech.  Brandon came out, and his partner, and did a great job. That saved the day. Appreciate it.  He was here last time so good service." Doug MooreMarch 2012

"I had Brandon come out for some plumbing issues, and he did a fabulous job and everything is great. You guys are wonderful so thank you."Angelique TrepagnierMarch 2012

"The guys came out and told me what the problem was and did a real good job fixing it and that's pretty much it.  They did a good job."Shelly SkipperMarch 2012

"True Tech Home Service is nothing but professional. We've been with them on their Service Plan for several years now, and it has saved us a lot of money and a lot of headaches.  We highly recommend them."Amy, March 2012

"I really enjoyed the service. It actually helps me keep the house in order so I don't have to worry about some big thing later if they take care of the little things now.  I enjoy the service.  It's a great way to keep my house up-to-date and running well.  Thanks."Frank, March 2012

"Hi, my name is Dixie and I'm from Oklahoma City and I was just calling to tell you that Brandon and Brian came out and fixed me up with a new garbage disposal and sink and its fantastic and they were fast and professional, and I definitely want them to come back.  Thanks for your time." Dixie, March 2012

"Brian and Brandon came out today with the plumbing department. They did an excellent job, They were very friendly, very courteous, looked over everything, and just greatly appreciate it."Brandy Mason, March 2012


"So far everything went well." and "Thank you True Tech and Brandon and Brian for your quick help!" Dixie Macias, March 2012

"Mark was great! very professional."Tracy, March 2012

"Brandon was good at explaining in detail what he was doing. He educated me on how a garbage disposal works." Sara Dunbar, March 2012

"My tech was so nice. He was great." A. Miller, March 2012

"Very good service." Bill Jessup, March 2012

"Very Nice" Dillard, March 2012

"Brandon, Carl, and Alan were very professional and answered my questions in terms I could understand. Very wonderful gentlemen." Cindy Austin, March 2012

"Always a pleasure to work with!" Kristina Paliwada, March 2012

"Very Helpful and courteous." - Tom Newton, March 2012

"Very thorough and helpful." Carol Walker, March 2012

"A++ for Dominic! Very knowledgeable, personable and hard working." -  Dean Graham, March 2012

"True Tech has very professional, and polite techs!" Jana Dean, March 2012

"Lost our service call but made it right and came out that day. Thank you!!!" and "Brandon is Great!" Peter Markes, March 2012

"Wonderful service thank you!" - Miller, Feb. 2012

"I appreciate Joe helping bring my older home up to code requirements a little at a time (no pressure to do more than I can afford each year)." - Chapman, Feb. 2012


"James was great - on time and did quick work on my door replacement."


- Testerman, Feb.2012

"Awesome all the way around!", "Absolutely the best experience!"- Evans, Feb 2012

"Very professional and informative." - Tsatoke, Feb 2012

"Always good to us." - Santa Fe, Feb 2012

"Thanks for rescuing me on SuperBowl Sunday! You deserve a medal of valor for that! :)" - Hessler, Feb 2012

"We love Brandon! Brandon and Chris were very helpful and thorough!"
- Mossman, Feb 2012

"Had to call OG&E - Leg out on breaker box. Alan was very courteous!"
- Wheeler, Feb 2012

"Good presentation very friendly and courteous." - Siler, Feb 2012

"Brandon is knowledgeable, gets the job done in a timely manner, and is an all around great person!" - Feree, Feb 2012

"Truly Professional" - Langston, Feb 2012

"It is always a pleasure to do do business with a professional like Mark! Thanks."
- Braydon, Feb 2012

"Dominic was great! He was always prompt in addressing any of my issues."
- Soderstrom, Feb 2012

"Extremely prompt on call back! I appreciate Brandon's positive attitude. Very knowledgeable about his craft!" - Nelda Chapman, Jan. 2012

"Your company is the best find ever. I have never been more satisfied with any other business." - Carolyn Ferree, Jan. 2012

"Joe went above and beyond what I expected. Awesome guy all the way around.", "Couldn't ask for anything better. Answered all questions, professional and knowledgeable!"- Diane Houghton, Jan. 2012

"I have used True Tech for many jobs over several years and have always been very pleased with their service quality and courteous relations." - William Leighton, Jan. 2012

"Alan & Billy both were great and I'm seriously considering the endless hot water! :)" - Tony Lay, Jan. 2012

"Thank you so much for the excellent job you did!" - Stephen Eschenbacher, Jan. 2012

"Another good job and a great customer service experience!!" - Mary Wolf, Jan. 2012

"Donnie was exceptional. He pointed out some areas that needed fixed. He also took time to unscrew and move over a door latch that was off centered due to the earthquakes. Very nice and reliable man." - April Hairgrove, Jan. 2012

"Dominic is very professional and friendly." - Kim Falk, Jan. 2012

"Very professional and were very informative when questions were asked. Great guys!" - Adalia Moreno, Jan. 2012

"Brandon was great - very helpful and nice!" - Mossman, Jan. 2012

"Alan was very friendly and very professional." - Mitchell, Jan. 2012

"Very friendly, great customer service. Will definitely use again.", "Great work"
- Theodore Booker, Jan. 2012

"Office called and said they would be late. Good Service.", "Extremely nice and knowledgeable young man. Office called and and let me know they would be late."- Bill Siler, Jan. 2012

"Brandon has always done a great job for me. We have had a lot of work done by him and its always very professional and well done!! Thanks,"
- Mike Stanley (General Manager Comfort Suites), Jan. 2012

"Thank you good job! great people to do such a big job!", "Thank you for James - very professional - friendly - excellent work!", "Very pleased with True Tech"- Dailey Brown, Jan. 2012

"Mark was very professional" - Berlinda, Dec, 2011

"Dominic was so professional and a pleasure to meet. He represents True Tech so well." - Lou Ann Wolf, Dec, 2011

"Very professional and accurate in evaluating our problem." - Land, Dec, 2011

"Billy was great - Very nice & knowledgeable! I really appreciated the time he took explaining things to me!"
- Garrett, Dec, 2011

"Wonderful!" - Steven Fuentes, Dec, 2011

"Excellent, professional Technician. Excellent, professional work. Recommended you to 2 neighbors!"
- Jana Dean, Dec, 2011

"Electrician was very professional, kind and efficient. He was an excellent representative for True Tech!"
- Byerley, Dec, 2011

"The gentleman were very helpful, pleasant and professional. Thanks!"
- George Kurey, Dec, 2011

"Heater in bathroom ceiling was put on crooked, but overall the job was great. Very courteous and professional technician. Gave us a better deal on work, so thanks!" - Kesner, Dec, 2011

"Both Dominic and Alan were great!" - Antonisse, Dec, 2011

"Everything was excellent. Thank You." - Treasures, Dec, 2011

"Brandon does a great job, everytime.", "Brandon is the best!"- John Williams, Dec, 2011

"Alan Roberts was the tech on my job, and I cant say enough great things, professional, neat, knowledgable, friendly an asset to the True Tech Team! I've already told friends!" - Ric Miller, Dec, 2011

"I am completely impressed, by your company & your employees!" - Wolf, Nov. 2011

"I was at a complete loss on what to do to fix my problem. Thanks to Brandon, I'm up and running." - Sue Labat, Nov. 2011

"A job well done." - Jessup, Nov. 2011

"He did great! very professional and friendly." - Lantz, Nov. 2011

"Brandon is very professional, courteous and informative. True Tech is lucky to have such a great employee." - Steve Williams, Nov. 2011

"Very good tech, very polite." - Baker, Nov. 2011

"Thanks for your thorough and thoughtful work!", "Extremely helpful! Thanks so much!", "Thanks so much for taking the time to explain all my options!"- Brooke Hessler, Nov. 2011

"Thank you Steph for calling Alan! Alan explained it great- on my level. I'm installing a tub - so I'm hoping to coordinate that with Alan because he has more work to do for me." - Alan, Nov. 2011

"The 1/2 off for Edmond was a great help. Brandon always called if he had a job holding him up. This was a big help! He is an excellent technician."
- Virginia Tucker, Nov. 2011

"Brandon is so helpful and professional!" - Leslie Littlejohn, Nov. 2011

"Dominic did a good job, very satisfactory. Would recommend True Tech but retain privacy." - Elizabeth, Nov. 2011

"Brandon was very professional, Thorough and hard working." - Pat Bellamy, Nov. 2011

"Thanks Joe for fixing my home!" - Theresa Choate, Nov. 2011

"Scheduled between 2 and 4pm, arrived after 5pm. Technician was very knowledgeable!" - Ray Reaves, Nov. 2011

"As always, above and beyond expectations! Superior install and products. We're blown away with your services and wonderful, professional staff. Thank You!" - Jennifer Greania, Nov. 2011

"Brandon was very helpful & kept working until our sink was draining properly. I appreciate his persistence!"
- Preston Hanner , Nov. 2011

"Timely, energetic, knowledgeable, and nice service!" - Jones, Oct. 2011

"Very professional.", "Helpful with rebate and other questions. good part of your team.", "Good part of your team very professional and helpful." - Don Emler, Oct. 2011

"Alan was great, Quick, professional, and helpful. He did the job wonderfully on same day! Easy fix for great price! Thanks!" - Valle, Oct. 2011

"A very knowledgeable, Courteous and polite service agent. He answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I would recommend his service to anyone!"
- Funderburg, Oct. 2011

"Shannon was very professional!" - Nancy Anders, Oct. 2011

"The young man was courteous. Hardworking and very thorough! I would highly recommend True Tech!" - Thomas, Oct. 2011

"I purchased a very expensive "throne". I hope it will last 60+ years!" - Dupree, Oct. 2011

"Very polite and informative. Great Job!" - Kim Kerby, Oct. 2011

"On time, professional and courteous. If we have to have service, Brandon is the one doing it, we know its going to be done right! Thank you!" - Jennifer Greania, Oct. 2011

"Paying 29.00 for service calls when you are a member and have the work done is too costly for me. Im a senior/widow. otherwise good service." - Maxine Mitchell, Oct. 2011

"I would like to talk to Aaron Boyles about a room addition." - M. Dees, Oct. 2011

"Extremely happy with service and workmanship.", "We had this work done and are very pleased with your company's service and professionalism and workmanship." - Robin Barlow, Sept., 2011

"Brandon was superior in knowledge and professionalism. He completed the work in far less time than I anticipated, which was incredible! Another winner for True Tech. You guys are truly the best. Can't thank you enough for honoring your military service members. We thank you!!" and
"Brandon, once again, went far above average for service call and tried all avenues to help us problem solve. He explains everything in detail so you understand the process and feel confident in the work being done. Brandon is a superior asset to you True Tech team! Would never hesitate to call!" - Brian Greania, Sept., 2011

"Brandon did an excellent job. If we ever have more work done we will request that he does the job." - Libby Smith, Sept., 2011

"Job well done." - Cowan, Sept., 2011

"Alan Did a great job! I wouldn't hesitate to call again. Thanks so much"
- Mike Almond, Sept., 2011

"I've been a service partner for a few years and have never been anything but satisfied. :)" - Dee Milburn, Sept., 2011

"The tech was very nice and polite and professional." - Sammy Eagy, Sept., 2011

"Everyone I have dealt with from True Tech has been super to work with. Polite and knowledgeable."- Marolyn Largent, Sept., 2011

"Said would call when on way, but no call first." - James, Sept., 2011

"The service has been excellent. Always in touch - frequent phone calls - making sure I am happy - :)" - Kelly Roush, Sept., 2011

"Brandon always does a great job. I'm glad to have him as my plumber."
- Paul and Gina Pierce, Sept., 2011

"Brandon is excellent!!!" - Nancy Anders, Sept., 2011

"Rod was the bomb. Nothing but great things to say. Stephanie was great too keeping us posted." - Lori Eeds, Aug. 2011

"Mark Douglas is an outstanding technician. He is a great representative of True Tech."- Cory, Aug. 2011

"Good, friendly, courteous, clean." - Linda Richardson, Aug. 2011

"Great service. Couldn't be better." - Bertie Allison, Aug. 2011

"A very business-like, personable, young man. He appeared to enjoy his work, and wanted to please us, even though it was so hot! We are new customers."
- Bill Siler, Aug. 2011

"Shannon did a real good job. The leak seems to be fixed. Hope it stays that way. He was very vigilante in getting it right. Price was fair too. Shannon was very polite, too." - Lori Schmidt, Aug. 2011

"Super nice, clean (shoe covers) on time and much better than 'best buy's Geeks' " - Suzy Hurtado, Aug. 2011

"Good job done." - Carl West, Aug. 2011

"Excellent service. Had the battery required to be replaced. Very knowledgeable." - Gary Frank, Aug. 2011

"I believe your company is attempting to get back to basic American values - even in today's tough economy." - Barbara Acosta, Aug. 2011

"Very nice person and both guys did a great job. We will tell friends and family." - Cherie Flanary, Aug. 2011

"He is working, he can't exactly be clean!" - Crowder, Aug. 2011

"Rod is gracious, respectful, and helpful. He thinks creativity and cleans up well. He does everything with excellence!" - Humphreys, Aug. 2011

"Your prices are a little troublesome to me. Don't know how you compare w/others for the same work. Will probably shop around next time.", "True Tech and Brandon has always been top notch!"- Paul Pierce, Aug. 2011

"Alan did a great job and was very professional and helpful. We will definitely use True Tech again!" - Hendricks, Aug. 2011

"Thank you for such a good experience in working to get my air conditioning back on." - Kathy Christian, July 2011

"The gentlemen who came to our home were respectful, knowledgeable, and very personable. We would recommend them to anyone. Thanks so much."
- Mauch, July 2011

"I'll call you. Many thanks." - Treva Gerard, July 2011

"Wish prices were more negotiable. Brandon was great." - Victoria Luthye, July 2011

"James did a fantastic job. We are very satisfied." - Joe Larson, July 2011

"Very pleasant technician." - Telford, July 2011

"Its always nice to have the same people come out to do the work."
- Joseph Lawson, July 2011

"Mark was extremely thorough and professional! And did a super job of explaining!", "Brandon is a great problem solver! He's efficient and did a wonderful job!", "James was professional. Very patient (I kept adding things!) and thorough. Excellent on all jobs!"- Merrisue Lucardeaux, July 2011

"Donnie was terrific. Great job." - Nancy Anders, July 2011

"Brandon was very knowledgeable & able to answer all of my questions."
- Christopher Stewart, July 2011

"Mark did very fine work." - Coulter, July 2011

"Dominic was very professional. A great job explaining. Fantastic!" - Reed , July 2011

"Stephanie and Billy were both great! Thank you both for all your help and patience with me." - Glenda Christie, June 2011

"Always courteous, and polite. Explains everything." - Goddard, June 2011

"Very complete, polite, and professional work." - Yarbrough, June 2011

"As always, perfect and professional service done right the first time. I can only imagine what an asset Mark is to your company!" - Greania, June 2011

"He did a good job, dressed professional, and answered all my questions. I would recommend True Tech in the future to my relatives and friends." - Lisa Tran, June 2011

"Received 1st discount coupon. Helps very much. Effective and fast.", "Fast and efficient. Send coupons, helps a lot."
- Glenda Christie, June 2011

"Joe did a great job. While he was there, I fell and cut my lip and nose. He was helpful, kind, concerned, and sympathetic.", "This is the 2nd time Brandon has been here to fix a plumbing issue. He is an excellent plumber and person." - Carolyn Feree, June 2011

"Donnie was very professional. Took time to answer questions, yet was very efficient! Thank you!" - Curtis Vass, June 2011

"Brandon was very friendly and professional, as are all the technicians you have sent over in the time I have been a customer. Thanks!" - Dee Milburn, June 2011

"Brandon was a "true" professional!" - Lynda French, June 2011

"Brandon absolutely killed it, not sure what his title is but he is a rock star!"
- Jerry Bynum, June 2011

"Awesome!" - Matt Stowe, June 2011

"Dominic was very nice and very professional. Please send him again."
- Kathleen Grizzle, June 2011

"Rod is really top notch!" - Hinkle, June 2011

"I will use for all future needs. Brandon is very professional and courteous."
- Lewis Thompson, June 2011

"Good technician Dominic!!" - Eddie Porter, June 2011

"Brandon was very polite and eager to do extra work while waiting on the part to arrive - VERY GOOD service man!!" - Steve Patrick , June 2011

"Rod was great!" - Tracy Hagemann, May 2011

"Very polite and friendly. Did a thorough inspection. Sorry my dog barked at them." - Riley, May 2011

"Alan was very helpful and explained what/why very thoroughly. He is a real asset for your company! Both guys were great - thanks for the inspections!"
- Jackie Gilley, May 2011

"Outstanding service and quite the professional." - Joseph Lawson, May 2011

"Brandon was very professional helpful and very nice." - Lou Baratta, May 2011

"You guys and gals are great!" - Mary Jo Bragdon , May 2011

"I was very happy they took the time to listen to me and cared about my house and what they could do to make me feel better.", "Stephanie said they were on their way and then it was like 1 1/2 hrs when they finally showed up. I would like a current time next time." - Shirley Hudson, May 2011

"Again I thank True Tech for the wonderful job well done." - Joyce Grimes, May 2011

"Very professional tech. Would recommend to friends." - Brent Wade, May 2011

"I was well satisfied." - Crumley, May 2011

"Excellent service." - Wallinger, May 2011

"Billy and Dominic were great and very helpful!" - Diana Richard, May 2011

"The tech was very nice, well mannered, and cute :)" - Shannon, May 2011

"Your electrician was very thorough, and performed a detailed inspection. He was very knowledgeable and explained findings well." - S. Jennings, May 2011

"Called early before 7:30am, Rod was out by 9:30/10am. Found the problem...fixed it. Thanks Rod!" - Glenn Goddard, May 2011

"Good representative of the company." - Ruth Bruton, May 2011

"Friendly, professional services." - Ailene Hall, May 2011

"Same day service, prompt and professional!!" - Thomas Gross, May 2011

"Great work Brandon!" - John Harrison, May 2011

"Excellent service." - T.R. Conroy, May 2011

"Beautiful work! I love my new fence and so do the dogs!", "Very thorough inspection. Thanks for educating me about my electrical system!" - Brooke Hessler, May 2011

"BBB gave True Tech an A+ rating and employees like Rod are the reason why."
- Jennifer Bailey, May 2011

"Brandon did a great job. His communication was superb and he went above and beyond my expectations to do a great job." - Paul Pierce , May 2011

"One word "Awesome" Thanks Guys!" - Mitchell, Apr. 2011

"Jason was very professional. I would like Jason to do future service on my home." - Peasel, Apr. 2011

"Dominic was great." - Tracy Hagemann, Apr. 2011

"He was great. Very professional." - Kim Falk, Apr. 2011

"Polite, on time, very neat, job well done. Above & Beyond. Friendly, knowledgeable. Rod, Brandon, Mark & Billy were all great." - Glen Goddard, Apr. 2011

"Dominic is very professional, neat and nice." - Julie Foss, Apr. 2011

"Brandon was efficient & very well spoken. Excellent job!" - Paul Mooney, Apr. 2011

"Based on replacement quotes from Quality Air, Sears, Baxter & EPCD Mechanical, you've saved me thousands! Thanks." - Joanne McIntosh, Apr. 2011

"Dominic is a very respectful, professional person, always does a fantastic job!"
- Joseph Lawson, Apr. 2011

"Great job. I recommend True Tech any chance I get." - Judith Irwin, Apr. 2011

"Were please with service and tech." - Charles Rutherford, Apr. 2011

"A very knowledgeable person and open to questions and politely answers them." - Jim Funderburg, March 2011

"I was very pleased." - Sherman and Darlene Lake, March 2011

"Tech was EXCELLENT!" - Wellford Brown, March 2011

"Bennett was very professional, A true asset to True Tech." - Rachell Kitchell, March 2011

"Brandon was very cautious outdoors, trying not to damage any of my gardens. He also tightened a screw on the exterior faucet for me." - Jackie Gilley, March 2011

"Dominic was very knowledgeable and helpful." - Elaine Carrell, March 2011

"Rod and Allen handled the job professionally, answered all questions throughout and were very courteous. Would highly recommend to family!" - Terry Jackson, March 2011

"Dominic and his associate were prompt, courteous and professional. They solved my electrical problem efficiently and pleasantly." - M. Pahlka, March 2011

"Extremely impressed with company's emphasis on customer service."
- Robin Barlow, March 2011

"Mark's work is impeccable. His attention to detail is remarkable. True Tech Has excellent customer service. We're so glad you're only a phone call away!"
- Brian Greania, March 2011

"The guys were perfect and professional in every way. However, the price for a 15 minute line clean was extremely over price." - Shelia Lyles, March 2011

"A very positive experience. You have a well run business along with exceptional personnel.", "Very Professional with a great caring attitude. Did extra work they didn't usually do so we wouldn't have to go with out hot water."- Carolyn Ferree, March 2011

"I called your company this morning to get help for my daughter, Misty Marksberry. She had just moved into this rental house over the weekend and her central heating unit quit. Then, she started using space heaters and it kept throwing the breaker. She called the rental agency this morning to report the problem and they told her they couldn't get anyone out there until Wednesday. When I started doing research this morning, I found your company. I want to thank your staff "from the bottom of my heart" for taking care of this heating and electrical problem so quickly. God Bless all of you!"
– Debra Niles - Oklahoma City

"Very professional all the way around from the website to the telephone contact through the technician and the quality of his work." – N. Chapman - Oklahoma City

"Excellent work at a good price." - Robert C.

"Jonathan did a great job! He is very professional and courteous." Mike M.

"Very good work." Terry S.

"It was raining and while in the attic checking the heating equipment. Chris noticed dripping. He located the water leak source."Esther K.

"I did not know anyone or anything about your co. The girl on the phone was very nice and answered my question. David was peaceful, kind, and very professional. I will tell others about your company."

"I'm so glad I found True Tech. Keep up the great service." - Judith I.

"Very professional! Gave the kind of service you can only dream about until today! Very knowledgeable too. Lynette T.

"Chris was attentive and provided excellent service. I can use the heater with confidence my family will be safe."
Alyssa Crawford

"The workers were very nice and friendly. They explained what they did and I understood everything." Geraldine N.

"I love this service! Great professionals. Thank you!" Kathy P.

"Rod was very knowledgeable and courteous. Thought the price for a receptacle was a little high, but he did great work."
Shirley M.

"Tech very professional." Milton

"Rod was, or is, polite, knowledgeable, clean, neat, on time and very helpful. Cleaned well after himself.", "Mark is cordial, neat, precise, and professional." Carol R.

"Very professional and courteous." R.L. Miser

"Love True Tech, but $105 bucks to hook up a water line is a bit pricey. Still love you guys and will use again. Thanks."
Jason S.

"The inspector from the city seemed very impressed by the professionalism of the work done." Stutzman

"Did a great job." Bob B.

"Very pleased with work, would use again with future problems." – D. Mitchell - Oklahoma City

"Rob was very professional and pleasant I am 100% satisfied with all the work he did. Thanks again Rob!"
N. Harris - Oklahoma City

"Ryan was a great guy - GOOD JOB!" – James - Oklahoma City

"I was glad he was able to find the source of my "dead" outlets & that he ran a check on my circuits to ensure they are working properly." – T. Devera - Oklahoma City

"I can't find the words that would fit how much you helped me with my problem. I will never forget any of you guys."
M. Johnson - Oklahoma City

"Rob did a great job. I will use him again...." - J. Moore, GMAC Real Estate, Oklahoma City

"Kenny was early, professional and very efficient. He was also friendly and very cheerful as he worked, Kenny was great. I will call True Tech again and again." – J. Pace - Oklahoma City

"I found Kenny to be very informative, helpful and believe him to be a confident electrician and he appears to "know his stuff" and enjoy what he is doing." – D. Castor - Oklahoma City

"This gentleman was perfect representation of customer service, Rob was the tech." – B. Cowan - Oklahoma City

"Rob was a very nice and professional technician, will put card in at the Moose billboard." – A. Kirk - Oklahoma City

"Very fast response to call, efficient repair, professional, friendly technician." – L. Blue - Oklahoma City

"You probably have saved our lives and our house from the looks of the burned breakers and wiring. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and bless you. Rob was so good and professional and he explained things to where even I could understand them. He was terrific!!!" – C. Randall - Warr Acres

"Technician Ever Borunda was very,very nice & courteous. He explained everything, But I liked the idea of him wearing protective covers for his shoes. I would recommend & use your service again. Thank you guys" – V. Park - Oklahoma City

"Rob & Ryan were wonderful. We will definitely use your company again and recommend True Tech to friends. Thanks!!!!"
K Russel - Oklahoma City  

"When I called on Saturday, True Tech was the only phone number to answer. I got on appointment for the next Tuesday. The Tech was professional and helpful." – S. Burrow - Bethany

"Telephone response is excellent." – S. Herrin - Oklahoma City

"Very professional, Explanations were clear and to the point." – B. Maynard - Oklahoma City

"Thorough explanation provided and solution options explained in great detail. Ever, provided excellent customer service."
R. Montez- Oklahoma City

"Kenny was very polite, efficient and knowledgeable. We are extremely pleased with his service and will definitely call True Tech again." – M. Pool - Oklahoma City

"Where do I start?I was very surprised and pleased that you came out the very same day that I called. Rob, the service technician was outstanding, very polite and informative. To this day, I am very glad I called your company. I would recommend you and your technician, Rob, very highly and will call you again when I need an electrician. Thanks ever so much," G. Shepardson - Edmond

"I want to thank all of you for the wonderful service you gave me in September. I had called OG&E three times about my flickering lights and power surges but they insisted the problem was fixed. I called JoAnne and she sent out a team immediately.

Rob and his co-worker (whose name I cannot recall) came to my workplace, borrowed my keys, inspected the problem, reported back to me on the problem and charges, and then repaired the problem immediately.They did an excellent job, made sure they did not track any dirt or debris in my house, and made sure my gate and home were locked securely.

JoAnne has called twice to be sure I was satisfied with the job and to be sure things were still satisfactory.I have been very impressed with the entire staff of True Tech Electric.I have recommended the company to many families and co-workers.I would not hesitate to call True Tech again if I need any type of electrical work."
Jackie Gilley

Band Director

Monroney JHS

Midwest City, OK

 "When Rob came to install my ceiling fan I found him to be prompt, knowledgeable, courteous and clean he even vacuumed the floor when he completed the installation. The ceiling fan runs good. Thank you Rob." – B. Hammond, Oklahoma City


"I'm glad to have found True Tech! Kenny and them are very professional, arrive on time, take care of the job quickly, and always clean up if needed after they are done. They are very pleasant and Kenny is knowledgeable. I have confidence in the work they do. Thanks True Tech." – J. Pounds, Mustang

P.S. Your front office gal Joanne who takes the calls is always very pleasant to deal with!

"We were very impressed with this young technician--his neatness and knowledge. We were very surprised and pleased---by the FIRST EVER of the placement of covers on his shoes!!!! WE will definitely use this firm again for the next home project." – D. Thompson, OKC


"Dear True Tech,

I am thrilled with the job performed by your electricians. They were professional, honest, and it was clear they possessed an expertise I have not seen in the twelve years I have lived in my home. I have had 2 or 3 electricians basically give up on the complicated situation in my attic - or worse, tell me there were a lot of wires up there but no danger. When my lights started to go off for long periods of time I finally learned from your technicians that it was because a wire had so over - heated that the lights turned off!

It is gratifying in this day and age to get two men like Rob and Aaron who were so committed to their profession and to getting the job done right. They worked very hard. Very Truly Yours," - B. Harty, OKC


"True Tech upgraded my aluminum wiring in my home, they did a great job. They are the only electricians in OKC that are qualified to work with Tyco COPALUM connectors for aluminum wiring." – M. Scott, OKC


"Thanks a lot and God Bless you and your family and workers." – C. Tipton, Moore


"Both our projects in OKC and Del City were headaches and caused me tremendous stress. I was so grateful for your service and attitude. Your willingness to help made my life much easier. Thank you for everything." – Luke L., Project Manager


"To Whom It May Concern:


After a bitter and costly experience with another Edmond electric company I was not in a good frame of mind. I dialed True Tech and it was answered “This is JoAnne, how can we help you smile today?” I was shocked and my anger disappeared. This had to be a company with good leadership and attitude.


I explained my problem and time crisis facing me and JoAnne advised she would see what they could do and call me.


The return call was prompt with a solution and advised Jared would be here early the next day. At 9:00 he was here, explained the cost and invoicing policy.


His work was above reproach. His attitude was outstanding and when he completed the job everything was in order. The Edmond inspector even commented what a good job he had done.


I must say the method of pricing seemed a little high but when you consider the manner in which he did the job, his attitude and his promptness I would say I received a quality job well worth the cost.


As I told him before he left any future electrical work would be completed by True Tech.


It is my pleasure to submit this letter to True Tech and I will be happy to discuss the company with any prospective customers." – J. Porter, Col (Ret) US Army, Edmond, OK


"Right on time and started work the same day. He gave me four quotes and let me pick the one I wanted. Excellent workmanship and very professional." – G. Branham, OKC


"All of the work at our home was very good. The workers were on time and cleaned up after their jobs. Jared is especially professional and does a very good job. We will use your company again." – B. Fleshman, Edmond


"To Whom It May Concern:


Just a quick "thank you". I called this morning to have some work done. I want you to know that I really appreciate the promptness and knowledge that you guys showed. I know who I will be using anytime I need work done and will refer you to anyone I know. Thank again," – D Ausmus, OKC


"I have used the services of True Tech Electric on several occasions and have been very pleased with the excellent competency and the timely service. They are intentional at achieving customer satisfaction. Above all, I enjoy working with a company that is trustworthy. I would highly recommend True Tech Electric."

– J. Christensen,  Midwest City


"I was very pleased with the service! What I appreciated the most about the experience was that what I was told over the phone was correct information! No hidden fees, no double-talk, just to the point information was given!


I would also like to express my thanks to the technician, Kenny Richardson for his superb service. He made sure I was satisfied with his service before he left! He was very professional and complete. I complement you for hiring such a wonderful employee! Thanks again!" – M. Qualls,  Oklahoma City


"I called your company because you charge by the job not by the hour. Your men were polite and were able to answer all my questions. I will let my friends and neighbors know who to call for service if needed. Thanks," – B. Dillard, Oklahoma City


"Yea for Kenny! He's great! Very polite and respectful. He enjoys his job and thinks so highly of your company. Great guy! Hardworking!" – S. Thornton, Edmond


"Thanks for getting out so fast. Your technician ran into an unexpected problem and corrected it with no extra charge. The guaranteed flat price did save me money and they even wore shoe protection on my carpet. We will call you again." – V. Patterson, Oklahoma City


"I was impressed by the professionalism of the True Tech Electrician who came out to my house. He carried out the installation of new lights and new attic wiring with care and with no need for me to clean up after his visit. I enjoyed the complete and thorough explanation of what he was to do." – R. Ellifson, NW OKC


"Thank you for your prompt service to our home last week. All is working Great." – D. Peterson, Oklahoma City


"True Tech Electric is a company that is dependable, trustworthy, efficient and accurate on repairs. We have had both Commercial and Residential work done by Aaron Boyles and he is both innovative and will try his best to please the customer. I think he is a very good choice for an electrician. I give him 5 Stars!"

– L. Cargil, Oklahoma City


"Stuck to low quoted price. They even helped move my new dryer into place, outstanding service!" – M. Wagner, Moore Oklahoma


"Every “True Tech” tech that has come to my residence has been friendly, courteous, and up front with all Information. They really seem to like their work."

– Larry Goodman


"Thank you so much! From the phone call to the service tech, so very nice. Within 2 hours showed up/ on a 104 degree day! I own a tanning shop."

– Lisa and J. Cadena


"Appreciate everything done." – Opal Murphy


"Jason was very polite – we had a few minutes of getting acquainted. (we have a grandson – Jason)" – Armstrong-Ferega


"Chris was very professional and did the work quickly. Will call True Tech again if service is needed." – Vonnie Feary


"Great Service." – Phill Hughes, Keller Williams


"Jason listened to me and checked until he found the trouble then he put it right with a new fan." – Connie Hicks


"Upon leaving he offered to lift a puppy (who was trapped outside of the yard) over the fence!" – Doris Benbrook


"I was very pleased with Jason’s work and attitude." – Gay Darnell


"Great work all three gentleman were very, very professional. Thanks." – Katherene Humphreys


"Technician did and excellent job. He was Personable, outgoing and friendly as well. – Carla and Jerry Petty


"Shawn did and unusually good job and was extremely helpful!" – Earl McAnelly


"All 5+'s, Best service I've ever received. Randy is so nice & would recommend him & True Tech to anyone." - Rawn Dresser


"All 5's, This man represents True Tech Electric very, very well." - K & E Petrie


"4's on findings, and communication, the rest 5's" - J Perry


"All 5's, Very helpful and double checked everything! very, very happy!" - Tiaa Payne


"All 5's. Robert was well informed and courteous, and gave me some important tips or how to improve my quality of service." - Doyce Wayne McMillin


"All 5's, Exceeded expectations." - S.L. Nelson


"5's on completion, communication, and satisfaction...4's on everything else" - Gwyneth Mason


"All 5's, exactly the type of employee i'd try for if i were running the company." - Peepley


"All 5's, Randy installed a new gas line for our stove today 8-11-09 Thanks!" - Caryn Franson


"All 5's, Randy came out and fixed our water leak within 4 hours of my call. Thanks!!" - Caryn Franson


"George and Dominic were very professional and provided the best customer service :-) Thank you very much!" - Elke


"Both Rod and John were courteous, knowledgeable and spoke highly of your organization. They were very efficient as well." - R. Silva


"Splendid communication and service! I will definitely call True Tech again as needs arise." - A. Davis


"Good Job! My heater is working!" - Lynch


"Fast, Professional Service, Knowledgeable & friendly employees." - Frank W.


"He was very informative!" - H. French


"Perfect work and very clean and polite." - A. Jackson


"Joe and his assistant as well as the apprentice electrician, dispatched in the first place, George, did a fine job." - D. Catteral


"He did not charge us any - so i'm assuming the monthly charge we pay has paid for it." - J. Patrick


"Jonathon did a wonderful job of finishing up our electrical work. He was very courteous and very pleasant. Thank you for a job well done!" - Chris J.


"Rod was skillful, prompt, and efficient as always." - William P.


"Great Service, extremely professional. I will definitely recommend and use them again." - Monty E.


"Rod is professional and his respective demeanor was refreshing." - Tony O.


"Very clean! I still cannot believe there was no clean up!!" - Wanda B.


"It wasn't necessary for him to wear protective shoes or protect my floors, my floors are hard wood and tile." - Byron D.


"Thank you for your understanding." - N. Hibbard


"If it had not been for Roger we would not have been a repeat customer. I believe he is truly and asset to your company. Very pleasant and knowledgeable. His knowledge and ability to take our suggestions and turn them into reality was terrific. and adding his own suggestions was great! did an outstanding job!" - C. Taylor


"Would request Kennie again." - C. Cochran


"True Tech is reliable and each worker really makes sure you understand." - M. Johns


"Randy is a true professional!!" - M. Wilson


"Rod always knows the causes and solutions before he acts. He uses his head with admirable skill. I like to see him work."

- W. Pugsly


"Made me feel at ease knowing one company could help with electrical, plumbing, and heat & air." - T. Farhendorf


"Thank you True Tech for your speedy and professional job." - Joyce G. & Bill


"Was very kind and helpful with everything, thanks Rod." - Rayma P.


"Wonderful job, very clean and professional job, cleaned up daily during job. Friendly, courteous, very professional."

- Michael K.


"Dominic was the most professional Technician I have encountered. He actually educated me on so many different electrical issues." - Phyllis M.


"Friendly & informative. Thank you for all the information." - C. Harbour


"Very Professional and polite" - C. Jackson


"Extremely professional and very polite." - C. Jackson


"Great service tech, very professional and friendly" - B. Hare


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