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Where Zinsco electrical panels and Zinsco circuit breakers are in use, arcing, contact-point burn, and even circuit breaker case blow-out have been observed in the field. We have replace several of these panels and in some cases the damage and is not visible until the change out is under way. A principal Zinsco circuit breaker (or Sylvania circuit breaker for those Sylvania panels using the Zinsco product) point of failure appears to be at the point of contact where the circuit breaker contacts clip onto the electrical panel bus, combined with the use of an aluminum electrical panel bus. Daniel Friedman has been collecting information and field failure reports for Zinsco/Sylvania electrical components since 1996 in an effort to develop credible failure-rate information which is then shared with the U.S. CPSC and with other electrical failure researchers and educators.
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The Technicians of True Tech, here to service and repair your plumbing, furnace, air conditioning, & electrical issues in Oklahoma City OK

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