Heat Pump + Furnace + HVAC System

If you have to wear a coat inside of your home, it is time to call in the experts. At True Tech Home Services, we offer heating system services to keep you and your family warm. If your heating pump, furnace, or HVAC system seems to be working overtime or not working at all, it is safe to assume that there is a problem. Our technicians can inspect your heating system and determine the best solution to get your system operating more proficiently. Contact us today to schedule a service request.

Everything gives out eventually. Most people do not want to hear this, but the fact is that no heating system lasts forever. The average lifespan of the typical home heating system can range from 15 – 25 years. The lifespan varies for each manufacturer, but maintenance can also play a large role. Systems that receive no maintenance will fail more quickly. If your heating system is more than 25 years old, it may be time to consider replacement. It is better to replace your system than to spend thousands of dollars on insufficient repairs only to have to purchase a new system in the long run. If efficiency is the issue, we can suggest upgrades to help save you money. No matter the case, we will help you make the right decision for your home by informing you of all of your options.

Home Heating Services

  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • New Installation

Common problems with improper functioning units:

  • Heating system is pushing out cold air
  • Your utility bill has significantly increased
  • Loud noises are coming from the heating unit
  • Heating system is constantly running but your home is not warming up